Dear [Family and Special Friends of your child/ren’s name/s here],

[Child/ren’s first name/s]’s school, the South Shore Waldorf School, is an amazing school and [child/ren’s first name/s] is/are thriving there.

Waldorf Education offers an academically rigorous curriculum enriched by arts, music, handwork, languages, and movement. It helps children develop into well-rounded individuals, teaching them how to think, not what to think.  The South Shore Waldorf School offers all this, and does so while maintaining an accessible fee structure so that families like ours can benefit from this amazing education model.

[Please take some time here to add a story or something specific you love about the South Shore Waldorf School and your child/children’s experience at school.]

In order to maintain financial accessibility, our school fundraises about 30% of the operating costs each year!  As part of ongoing fundraising, SSWS is launching its Annual Giving Campaign on Giving Tuesday, December 3rd. As with all independent schools, this fundraising campaign is an integral part of our school’s annual budget. We rely on a committed community of families, friends, and others who share our common vision and want to support our children’s education. This year our goal is to raise $25,000. To learn more about our Annual Giving Campaign visit our website at

Our Annual Giving campaign counts on 100% participation from South Shore Waldorf School Community members. If everyone participates by giving $50 and finds five friends or family members to also give $50, we will reach our goal! Of course, you can give more than that! Please do what you can to help us raise the $25,000 we need this year. Any amount will be most appreciated and well used.

To participate, use the attached donation form and return it with your donation

cheque to: 

Annual Giving Campaign
South Shore Waldorf School Association
PO Box 177 64 School Road 
Blockhouse, NS, B0J 1E0 

OR give to our online campaign which will launch on our website on Tuesday December 3rd at

Thank you for supporting our family and our school. 


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