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About our school:

The South Shore Waldorf School in Blockhouse is set on the South Shore of Nova Scotia close to the UNESCO town of Lunenburg, the charming small town of Mahone Bay, and about an hour from the city of Halifax. SSWS is a Developing Member of AWSNA and of WECAN.

The school was founded in 1996 with a handful of students and now has students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 9. We have a strong mutually supportive community and endless resilience in rising to the challenges and celebrating the joys of maintaining a Waldorf school. In many ways, although we are more than 20 years old, we retain a pioneer spirit.

SSWS is faculty-led with a teaching staff strongly supported by a highly engaged parent body, a small administrative team, and an active board of trustees.

We offer a full Waldorf curriculum from K-8 as well as a weekly Parent and Tot program.

Our school has a strong early childhood program, including a kindergarten-specific class that serves as a bridge to the grades. Our school resides in a century-old building situated on six acres with an organic garden, woodland area, and an outdoor amphitheatre.

Our school community is vibrant and strong, and we regularly come together for festivals, parent evenings, farmer’s markets, social gatherings and events.

If you are interested in employment at SSWS, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our school through our website.

Interested applicants should send a resumé, three (3) professional references, copies of relevant certificates, and a letter of intent to: 
Please use the Job Title as your subject line.


The SSWS Business & Administration Coordinator oversees and coordinates all non-pedagogical aspects of the day-to-day operation of the South Shore Waldorf School and Kindergarten. The position is accountable to and reports to the SSWS Board of Directors.

The Business & Administration Coordinator and the Development and Enrolment Coordinator have authority over separate, autonomous administrative jurisdictions but work together when needed in the spirit of true collaboration, helping and consulting with each other for the benefit of all SSWS stakeholders and the community.

Key Responsibilities Summary

The Business & Administration Coordinator:

  • Embraces and represents the mission of SSWS.
  • Is responsible for the smooth-functioning of all operational and organizational aspects of the school, which may include
  • Analyzing the school’s governance and organizational structure, implementing changes (with the approval of board and faculty) to optimize the transparency, efficiency, and accountability of the organization, and communicating these changes to the SSWS community.
  • Establishing clear roles and responsibilities throughout the organization (with the approval of board and faculty) to avoid redundancy, parallel action and planning, and opaque decision-making, and communicating these to the SSWS community.
  • Creating a governance and organizational structure document (approved by board and faculty) which clearly outlines how each aspect of the organization operates.
  • Carries out the necessary day-to-day business activities of coordinating and operating the organization.
  • Manages the implementation of decisions and standing policies of the board and faculty, supporting the needs of faculty, parents, and volunteers in their efforts to provide Waldorf education to the students.
  • Is responsible for volunteer recruitment, coordination, management, and retention, which will include:
  • Staffing, administering, coordinating all aspects of key working groups, especially but not limited to: the Fundraising Working Group; the Marketing Working Group.
  • Facilitates resolutions to issues or concerns in the realms of contracts, finances, and logistics.
  • Supports the development, communication, and implementation of strategic initiatives by the faculty, board, and working groups.
  • Keeps the board and faculty informed of overall school business and administration operations.
  • Oversees day-to-day building and site management.
  • Facilitates communication and collaboration between bodies of the school.
  • Has knowledge or becomes knowledgeable of Waldorf education and can represent Waldorf education to parents and to the public.
  • Participates in all aspects of school life.
  • Acts as SSWS Occupational Health and Safety officer.
  • Maintains a schedule of regular office hours and provides reception support during those hours fielding incoming telephone calls, drop-in inquiries, and emails.

Attributes and Skills

  • multitasks effectively and graciously
  • is calm and helpful under pressure
  • communicates easily and effectively
  • is able to maintain confidential & private information
  • has proficiency in G Suite, Microsoft Office (Word & Excel)
  • has excellent written and oral communication skills
  • has a basic understanding of accounting procedures
  • has excellent project- and time-management skills
  • has experience working in Waldorf school administration or other non-profit administration
  • maintains an approachable, open, empathic orientation to all members of the SSWS community at all times.
  • takes initiative and is proactive with regard to all responsibilities and tasks

Primary Areas of Responsibility

Finance/Business Management

The Business & Administration Coordinator:

  • Receives and records cheques, e-transfers, PayPal payments, and makes deposits as needed.
  • Receives incoming invoices and arranges payments.
  • Reviews expense sheets.
  • Supports the administration of the After School Care Program as needed, including reviewing the fee schedule, monitoring staffing and expenses, anticipating parent needs and recommending changes to the program.
  • Monitors and collects accounts receivable.
  • Monitors bank balance and budgets in cooperation with school treasurer.
  • Works with the treasurer and bookkeeper to ensure the board receives accurate and up to date monthly cash flow reports.
  • Has signing authority for bank accounts, charitable receipts, enrolment contracts and grant applications.
  • Tracks donations & gifts and ensures timely acknowledgement of contribution.

School Administration

The Business & Administration Coordinator:

  • Meets and supports faculty’s operational and organizational administrative needs.
  • Works with the board, its chairs and its working groups, to carry out established school policies and attends board meetings.
  • Provides administrative support for events and marketing. oversees distribution of periodic reports, student records, and other student documentation.
  • Liaises with faculty, school development and enrolment coordinator and finance committee to project academic program needs and capital project planning.
  • Works with board secretary to ensure timely preparation of AGM materials.

Office Administration


The Business & Administration Coordinator:

  • Manages, updates, and oversees emergency response and health and safety protocols, incl. COVID-19 prevention plan.
  • Pursues professional development in Waldorf administration and supports fellow administrative staff in doing the same.
  • Administers the Child Protection Policy (Child Abuse and Criminal Record Checks). administers school closure notice as per School Closure Policy.
  • Maintains student and family records in Sycamore Information Management System and helps faculty to become familiar with Sycamore Student Information Management System.
  • Assists in calling home for students who are unwell.
  • Facilitates communication between bodies of the school and with the public.
  • ensures the timely, accurate production/updating of school communication platforms/ materials and distribution thereof, including:
  • All-school Calendar
  • Parent Handbook
  • Employee Handbook
  • Website
  • Marketing materials
  • Notices

Office Administration

  • Designs and implements effective office procedures and organization, as adjustments and changes are required.
  • Orders office supplies as well as servicing for office equipment.
  • Picks up and processes mail.
  • Handles faxes, photocopies, and arranges large print-jobs.
  • Processes calls, emails, and directs appropriately and in a timely manner.
  • Maintains electronic and physical files.
  • Supervises children when sent to the office until they are picked up.
  • Administers the key policy and manages room rentals.
  • Oversees the documentation and filing of faculty, staff, and board evaluations.
  • Copyedits or arranges copyediting/review of all communications to parents, community members, and the public.
  • Serves as contact person for parents about any non-pedagogical issues relating to the school; educates all regarding the school’s concerns process; directs concerned faculty, parents, and volunteers to the ombudsperson or care committee, when appropriate.
  • Cultivates, supports, and oversees volunteers.
  • When invited, attends parent council meetings and a portion of weekly faculty meeting.

Human Resources / Personnel

The Business & Administration Coordinator

  • Maintains accurate and updated personnel files.
  • Coordinates the annual faculty and administrative contracts.
  • Updates contracts as needed for returning staff
  • Drafts new contracts for new faculty/subject teachers as needed
  • Maintains a record of staff absences.
  • Works with bookkeeper to ensure statutory reporting requirements and employment standards are met.
  • Reviews, monitors, and updates employee benefit packages in consultation with Finance Committee.
  • Works with personnel/hiring committees as directed by board and/or faculty.

Insurance & Legal

The Business & Administration Coordinator

  • Periodically reviews and monitors SSWS liability & property insurance, updating the board as necessary.
  • Advises SSWS Board of potential legal issues that may require outside legal counsel.

Buildings & Grounds

SSWS Business and Administration Coordinator

  • Monitors the quality, cleanliness, and safety of the school and grounds.
  • Oversees maintenance personnel.
  • Reports needed repairs to B&G Working Group.
  • Coordinates/monitors periodic water testing and septic maintenance.
  • Coordinates periodic fire drills, fire safety protocol and annual Fire Alarm System 3rd party inspection.


The Business & Administration Coordinator will attend the following meetings:

Development Committee

Health & Safety / Covid-19 Committee

The whole or a portion of the following meetings by invitation as required:

Board of Directors

Executive Committee Faculty Meeting

Finance Committee

Building & Grounds

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to

 The Position 

SSWS is hiring a temporary Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator for 10 hours/week over two months, starting immediately, to put together focused, effective, and innovative SSWS marketing and fundraising teams and programs. The Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator will work closely with the board, receiving from it guidance and information as needed. 

Job description: 

The pandemic shut our working groups down. SSWS is beginning the process of setting them up again but we need a Marketing Working Group and Fundraising Working Group up and running ASAP. The working groups will be made up of volunteers who will implement 

marketing and fundraising strategic plans. The Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator will create and coordinate these two working groups until they are fully operational. 


– in dialogue with the board, assess the urgent marketing and fundraising needs of 

the school 

– create marketing and fundraising plans in conjunction with the board 

– find volunteers in the SSWS community to staff our Marketing and Fundraising Working Groups 

– provide the working groups with a clear mandate and plan of action 

– help with logistics, such as meeting scheduling, agenda-creation, and minute-taking 

The ideal candidate will be: 

– well organized 

– self-directed and self-motivated 

– creative and proactive 

– an effective communicator 

– able to inspire and galvanize others 

– familiar with marketing and fundraising plans and strategies 

– an efficient administrator 

For more information or to apply, email Robert Tilsley, board secretary, at 

Substitute Teacher

We welcome substitute teacher applications all year long.

If you are interested in Substitute Teaching at the South Shore Waldorf School:

  • Submit your resumé electronically via email to
  • Include information about your knowledge of, experience with, and/or interest in Waldorf education. 
  • Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry checks will be required if accepted.

Please familiarize yourself with our school by reading through our website. For more information about Waldorf education, Waldorf schools, and Waldorf teacher training, please visit the website of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America at

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